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Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine BrunswickHerbal medicines have been used throughout the ages across all cultures to support healing. Now with up-to-date scientific research to support their use, we are using herbal medicine in even more diverse ways to support healing and wellness.

Why do so many cultures use herbal medicine?

Plants are safer alternatives to synthetic drugs and yet can be extremely powerful healing agents.  For almost all health conditions and even the most serious diseases, herbal medicine can provide health-enhancing effective solutions.

Many medicines have their origins in herbal medicine.

For example Aspirin is derived from the herb Salix alba (White willow), and Metformin a drug used for diabetes, is derived from the herb Galega officinalis (Goats rue).  Modern pharmacological medicines however, often have many side effects, and you may have experienced some. Herbs are not drugs. While the constituents of herbs are important, the whole herb is used for health promotion and healing.

All of our herbal medicines are sourced from companies that follow the most rigorous safety guidelines, from how the herbs are grown, to how they are processed. Safety is paramount and herbal preparations go through very stringent testing regimes to guard against substitution, adulteration and poor quality. It’s important that the herbs we use are of the highest quality to meet your health needs.

Ethanol is mostly used to extract the full phytochemical profile of the plant to make our herbal extracts.  This is how it has been done for hundreds of years. Old herbal texts discuss steeping herbs in wine over long periods of time. The liver is able to metabolise small amounts of ethanol from ripe fruit and naturally fermented food, so herbal extracts in safe doses do not cause any harm. It is also important to consider any possible interactions between herbs and pharmaceutical medications. I will always take this into consideration when preparing your herbal medicine mix.

A mixture of herbs can be tailored for your individual needs and symptoms specifically.  For example, you may come in to the clinic for support with your headaches. When we go through your case we may find that your headaches are related to your hormones, your blood sugar or neck tension. You may also have digestive problems and some skin concerns.  We can take all of these things into consideration and put together a herbal medicine combination to address your range of concerns.  We would also of course look at your diet and lifestyle, and see where you need other support.

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