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Have you had adverse reactions to medications?

Homeopathy BrunswickMaybe you are particularly sensitive to medicines or even supplements? Homeopathy is a gentle and effective, chemical free approach to health that works on an energetic level to promote general health by supporting the body’s own natural healing.

Rather than the pharmaceutical approach of forcing the body to respond through chemicals, homeopathy helps to trigger your body’s natural ability to heal. This helps the body to correct itself and is strengthened to be more resistant to the problem in the future.

The aim of homeopathy is to address the underlying cause(s) not just treat your presenting problem. To do this we take in to account your current symptoms, your general sensitivity, past medical history and family history.

Homeopathic medicines, called remedies, are obtained mainly from mineral, plant, and animal sources.  These are processed “potentized” to increase the healing effect of the original substance and to remove any toxicity.

Homeopathic remedies are energetic medicines free of side-effects.

They do not poison, will not interact with other medications, and are non-addictive. They are safe for people of all ages, including babies, the elderly, and if you are pregnant. Homeopathy can even be used with animals and plants.

Homeopathy is effective for both acute problems like colds, ear infections, headaches, sore throat, and chronic health problems such as arthritis, diabetes, asthma, depression and anxiety. Homeopathy is based on the principal of ‘like cures like’, where a remedy similar to the symptoms experienced are carefully matched to restore good health.

As well as many physical complaints, homeopathy can be used for mental and emotional problems as well, such as anxiety, worry, lack of confidence, depression and panic-attacks.  It is great for children’s physical, emotional and behavioural problems.

There are over 600 published research studies of homeopathy and more are being conducted every day. This research has shown the effectiveness of homeopathy for a wide range of acute, chronic, and epidemic conditions in both humans and animals, including: eczema, asthma, upper respiratory tract infections, ear infections, fibromyalgia, menopause, diarrhoea, ADHD, irritable bowel and depression. Homeopathy has been shown to act on individual cells, including cancer cells.

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