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Mineral Therapy

Minerals are essential to our health and mineral deficiencies can have wide ranging adverse effects.

Mineral Therapy BrunswickThere are any reasons why we may be mineral deficient.  Minerals can often be lacking in our diet.  This can be due to omitting certain foods or we may be eating poor quality foods that have low levels of minerals.  Over-farmed or depleted soils can affect the content of minerals in our food chain and soil qualities and constituents vary from place to place.

Why do I need mineral therapy?

Minerals are required for healthy bone and muscle structure, healthy skin, cellular fluid balance, hormone production, detoxification, mood balance and various other bodily functions. We have increased mineral needs at various stages of life including child development, puberty, pregnancy, elderly, athletes etc.

What causes a mineral imbalance?

Minerals are found in the foods we eat. However, depletion can occur due to poor diet, illness, physical or emotional stress, an inadequate diet, food processing methods, digestive problems causing poor absorption, excess fluid loss, certain medications, excessive alcohol and smoking.

We may suffer from mineral imbalances without even realising it as often symptoms are vague and sometimes hardly noticed. You may have subtle symptoms or body signs that can be observed in your initial or testing consult.

When you come in to the clinic we will look at your tongue, nails, skin, and other body signs, along with presenting health symptoms to ascertain your mineral status to determine if you need mineral therapy.  Mineral therapy may be required to correct any imbalance or deficiencies, and support the body’s natural ability to cure itself.

What conditions are minerals used for?

Mineral therapy can be used for a range of conditions including the treatment of inflammation, colds and flu, skin conditions, muscle cramps or twitches, skin problems, weak bones, arthritis, pain, headaches, migraines, insomnia, fatigue, low energy, stress, depression and digestive support. Because nutrients work together in the body, patients may require a combination of minerals or other nutritional support.

Mineral therapy is suitable for all ages and life stages.  They are gentle remedies that are easily absorbed and utilized quickly within the cells.

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