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Are you confused about what to eat or unsure about whether your diet is the best for you?

It can be very confusing just working out what to eat!

Nutrition Brunswick

Surprisingly dietary needs vary for all of us and change throughout our lives.

What you ate few years ago may not be meeting your needs now and may actually be doing you harm!  Our needs change depending on our levels of activity, lifestyle, environment, work schedules, sleep patterns and developmental stages.

Good nutrition is the foundation of good health.

We all need basic nutrients protein, carbohydrates fats and water, as well as specific vitamins, minerals and micronutrients.  Your body’s nutritional needs are unique to you.

The first step toward better health is to ensure you are getting the correct amount and balance of these nutrients. But knowing what you need, can be challenging and confusing.  There is so much misinformation in this digital world. There are so many fad diets and fad food ideas that you may be finding it hard to know which way to go.

One of the main problems with our modern diet is the overconsumption of processed foods.

This has led to an unprecedented exposure to chemicals in the form of additives, preservatives, colourings, thickeners, binders, emulsifiers, anti-caking agents, flavour enhancers, artificial sweeteners, etc.  Many have been banned over the years and many more should be! We are only starting to see the health problems they are causing!

However, you may not eat a lot of processed foods and wondering why you’re still not feeling great.  Luckily, with the right support, your body has an amazing ability to heal itself. However, if you don’t provide it with the necessary nutrients, you can impair normal functions and cause a lot of harm.

This is where disease starts.

It may not be obvious at first and may start with just not feeling your healthy self.   You may be feeling sluggish or lacking energy.  You may have digestive problems that you never had before. You may be experiencing hormone problems or get colds more often.

I believe that reliable information is essential in assisting you to make better decisions about your health, diet and nutritional needs.  Eating a healthy diet and supplementing with appropriate nutrients will help to ensure that your whole body – organs, bones, tissues, cells, nerves and hormones get the fuel they need to perform optimally, where you can heal, revitalize and feel healthy again.

Whether you have pain and inflammation, painful periods, need more energy or are trying to lose weight, I can guide you through a personalized diet with nutritional support for your needs.

If you are ready to take control of your own health, call me at Brunswick Naturopathy (0403755584) or book an online appointment.